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Alan Wake Remastered, QR Code #2

In Alan Wake Remastered, the QR Codes were revised from the 2012 PC edition, where they had originally appeared. In the 2012 version, they sent players to memes and official links, but with the Remastered edition, the team revisited those link opportunities to connect their adventures.

In this new edition, scanning the codes sent the player to a YouTube link with a recording of Alan Wake set at a typewriter. For those who have played Control, you may recognise the style! 

The second episode starts with a small scene in Alan's apartment a couple of years before the writer travels to Bright Falls. You will find the second code in the study.

Scanning the QR code will send the player to a YouTube link. You can watch Vision 02HERE


The Dark Place was an endless waking dream. I saw visions carried by the ebb and flow of different dream states; they seeped from the reality beyond, things I had a connection to but... also things I couldn't possibly know. I used them in my writing to make it real, so that the parts that weren't would be so. And there were visions I knew that weren't real. Ideas I had lost. Often of Casey. I had written about him for years. I used them as well. The lies had to feel true for them to become true. Had I always written this way? Even before? Seen things without realising I was seeing them, thinking they were mine. Was this what inspiration was for me?

Differences to Alan Wake (2012)
In the original PC version of the game, scanning the QR code gave the sentence, "Huh. Turns out this isn't too bad even if you're not sitting on a couch when you play it. Who knew!"

Connections to Alan Wake 2
In the piece, Wake describes his experiences in the Dark Place, following the end of the original game. He dreams back to the life he had left before travelling to Bright Falls, as the successful author of the bestselling Alex Casey book series. He draws on those memories, bringing Alex Casey to life to leading him to Bright Falls. 


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