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Alan Wake, Radio Show #3: Deerfest Floats Are Very Exciting

In Alan Wake, there are eleven radio shows that the player can collect by interacting with radios around Bright Falls. All shows are present within the first four episodes of the game. In the show, we receive a personal look at the town through the eyes of Pat Main, the KBF-FM and Night Owl radio host, and hear perspectives from guest callers. 

Episode Two. Bright Falls Sheriff Station. The third radio can be found soon after starting the episode. After the call with the kidnapper, Wake will ask if he can get a breather outside (either from Breaker or the front desk). When leaving the station, keep going forward and interact with the radio on the curb.)

Closing out his radio show, he asks Bright Falls residents to be patient and show restraint in the days leading up to Deerfest.


Pat Maine: Well, folks, it's been another long night, and it's about time for me to sign off for a while. God knows I need my beauty sleep. Heh. Just one more item before I go: it's been a busy night for the Sheriff's Department. We've had a few broken windows, even reports of shots fired on Main Street. Deputies Mulligan and Thornton had to deal with two intoxicated young men who were celebrating the completion of Deerfest float. Now, folks, we get this every year. I know it's exciting that the big day is almost here, but let's save it for the party -- and leave the gunplay for the shooting competition, huh? There's no point in getting all worked up just yet.

[The music that follows is Shady Grove by Among the Oak and Ash.]


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