There are places in our world where fiction and dreams can come true.

Alan Wake 2 Writer's Journey #2 (Murder Sites)

Location: (Part of the Story) The TV will automatically play when Alan enters the breakroom just before witnessing the derailed train.

Transcript:  "The memory is fading like a dream. I must hold onto it. I remember an awful beacon in the darkness. The scene of a ritualistic murder site in the subway tunnels. Is it a previous draft of my writing? Must be. I've been trying to shape the Dark Place around me, but so much fades away. Even my memory of the process. Washed away by dark waves. But some things remain. The darkest, nastiest elements. Like the murder site. It's my goal. A stepping stone to travel deeper, to escape. Write a narrative that takes me there. Caey will lead me to it." 


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