There are places in our world where fiction and dreams can come true.

Alan Wake 2, Writer's Journey (The Dark Place)

Location: (Part of the Story) The Dark Place video in the Writers's Journey collection closes out Alan's first chapter. It can be found in the breakroom in the back rooms for In Between With Mr Door. 

Transcript: "The Dark Place wants to drown me. I'm losing myself. I have to fight it. I have to remember. The Clicker. The light switch. I lost it. But I have the lamp now. The lamp the switch was cut from. This place is a nightmare. Not real and yet more real than anything. The danger and the horror are real. It feeds off my mind. Twisting whatever it takes into psychotic reality. I'm trapped here. I write to escape. I've tried this many times. Written countless stories. Forgotten how many. I keep failing, but I must keep trying. I use the story to dive deeper. Every word I write is a step forward on this spiral into darkness. I dive to the bottom to find the answer, the map, and the key, and the compass, combined to form a door leading out. But how do you open a door that's not a door? At the bottom of an ocean that's not an ocean, in a lake that's not a lake?"


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