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Words of Power

In Alan Wake 2, the writer can collect Words of Power, which allows him to strengthen his skills. Words of Power take the form of spiral graffiti sprayed in light-sensitive paint. When Wake shines his torch beam on the spiral, another skill point will be added to his collection. 

To make sure that a Word of Power has been successfully collected look out for an old film-like filter. A notification will also pop up, encouraging the player to make their choice. 

Words of Power are split into six categories; Fix, Gun, War, Stuff, Aid, Action, and Lamp. You can read how you can improve each one below... 

Words of Fix

Wellness Retreat.
Increases maximum health by 15%. (35% when upgraded)

God Rays.

Increases max amount of health restored by Safe Haves by 30%

Wheels Within Wheels.
Restores 50% of max health when a new Word of Power is discovered. 

Words of Gun

Provides 5% chance to not consume ammo when firing the Revolver. 

Personal Space.
Increases knockback force of Alan's Shotgun by 15% 

Sunny Skies.
Increases Flare Gun projectiles' area of effect by 25%

Words of War

Full Stop
Increases damage dealt by the last bullet in the Revolver's chamber by 25%

Paint the Town.
Increases Double-Barrelled Shotgun damage by 25%, when hitting multiple enemies with one shot. 

Goes Around.
Restores 15% of max health when landing a direct hit with the Flare Gun. 

Words of Stuff

Tourist Map.
Marks all nearby resources and points of interest on Wake's map. 

Magic Pocket.
Expands Alan's Inventory by 1 row. 

Adds on Charge to Alan's Flashlight. 

Words of Aid

Increases Hand Flare's area of effect by 13% and duration by 1 second. 

Increases effectiveness of Trauma Pads by 10%

Increases effect duration of Painkillers by 1 second. 

Words of Action
It's Personal.
Increases damage dealt to enemies in close proximity to 10%. 

Never There.
Makes Alan 20% harder for enemies to detect.

Turning Tables.
Decreases damage received from the Darkness Projectiles by 25%. 

Words of Lamp
Main Attraction.
Restores 50% health for each second when using Flashlight Boost on Hostile Shadows. 

In the Headlights.
Provides 10% chance to stun enemies on Flashlight Boost. 

Lucky Strike.
Provides 25% chance to regain a Flashlight Charge on killing an enemy.


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