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Bright Falls Soundtrack by Black Iris

In 2010, Black Iris created a number of tracks for the Bright Falls mini series. These songs range from atmospheric to vocal and used to both create tension and to break it. A perfect example is Northwest Passage which is used as the main theme; creating suspense. Whereas Vou Me Embora Coracao is used at the end of the final episode as a means of showing a drastic passing of time and a change in atmosphere.  

The group has a website where fans can listen and download the songs: (Opens in a new tab)

Song List:
1. Northwest Passage* (Bright Falls Theme)
2. Every Time the Devil Knocks
3. I've Got a Man
4. Clouds of Grey
5. Stranger Shadows
6. Vou Me Embora Coracao
7. Know That I'm Sincere
8. L'amore e la Morte

The original title for Twin Peaks was "Northwest Passage", the track's name is a homage to one of the inspirations behind Alan Wake


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