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Easter Egg: The Deer Story

In Act III, the player can hear a special Easter egg if they pick up the phone outside the motel. The Easter egg is the voice of Alan Wake, Matthew Porretta, retelling a story. It wasn't originally planned to be included in American Nightmare, hence the separate credit at the end, but Remedy had liked especially as it fitted into the psychological horror aspect of the Alan Wake series.

Location: During Act III, at the motel. There's a payphone outside the motel which rings, informing the player of the easter egg. Answering the phone in any other act will not trigger the special extra. 

Transcript of "The Deer Story"

So, one morning I was...I was running, it was in the fall, it was about, uh...six o'clock in the morning, it was the...the sun was just coming up. And there's this huge estate right on the Long Island Sound, called the Ziegler Estate, and it''s monstrous, and it has these old...iron gates, that have these -- they're spiked. Very, very sharp. But it's, uh... I mean, arces and acres of land, and so I'm running, and I'm listening to, uh -- Tosca. Listening to opera. And there's a moment in Tosca where Tosca's about to stab Scarpia, okay, and it's very, very dramatic, and it's like -- they're like -- there's this huge duet. And, so, I'm running, I'm running, running, you can see the breath coming -- you know, you can see my breath coming, and the sun's coming up, and there's this incredible scene happening. And all of a sudden I come... in the distance I look, I see something that's on the... on the fence. And as I'm running up, I realised it's a deer. And the deer has tried to jump over this fence, like eight feet....eight feet high. Tried to jump over the fence, it landed on top of...the...the fence. It caught it in its chest, and it slid all the way down, so it opened the deer from the chest, to all the way down to its stomach. And it was still alive. It was flailing. Absolutely flailing. I just -- and I remember, just this music, and I was running, and I-- I couldn't believe what I was seeing, absolutely couldn't believe what I was seeing. And I...I couldn't get at the deer, it was on the other side, so it's like the idea of "okay, well, you should help the deer, try to put it out of its misery..." I couldn't get near it. And it was huge, it was gigantic. And so I -- yeah, yeah, and there were gigantic, gigantic horns. I mean, it was like...It was the... It was a... It was a visual I will never, ever, ever forget. And I just remember, as I was running, and just -- these, these flocks of crows that were like in the trees, just flying... It was the most cinematic, frightening thing I have ever seen. I...I -- I just stood there; I stood there until it died. You know, and then just started running home.
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