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Fast and Furious (25G) Achievement

Achievement Description: Make it through the final battle in less than 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Gamer Points Rewarded: 25G

Boss Fight Description: The last enemy is a construct combining the dark presence and a series of TV sets, which portray an insane Alan.The final boss fight in The Signal is split into three parts. The first two parts are similar as the player must vaporise the television sets, this part takes place inside a barn. While destroying the TV sets, the player is attacked by Taken and poltergeist.The final part takes place outside. The player is given a series of flares which they use to defend away a flock of birds, and destroy a poltergeist boat acting as a barrier. The final cinematic is trigger as the player vaporises the boat and shines the torch light on the final TV screen.


  • Through-out your play through of the DLC, conserve your flare gun ammo (6). While there are some hairy situations through out the level, your flaregun will act as a quick and effective way to defeat the final boss fight in the time.
  • If you have some flares, run near the one of the lower TV sets and place one down. This will burn away any nearby screens. You can use the time taken for the flare to burn either to get rid of more screens, or destroy some of the Taken/poltergeist.
  • The Taken and poltergeist spawn endlessly so pay more attention to TV screens. However that's not to say that you shouldn't destroy some of the more immediate threats, as they are stronger in the DLC compared to the original title.

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