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8th July 2024
Summer Games Done Quick 2024's Herald of Darkness Flash Mob

Summer Games Done Quick wrapped up over the weekend, collecting a mind-blowing $2,572,217.39 from 33,864 supporters. The team tackled a series of speed running challenges over the course of eight days, all with the goal of raising money for Doctors Without Borders, an international medical humanitarian aid organization, set up in over seventy countries to providing lifesaving care.

On the third day, July 2nd, the team took on Alan Wake 2's Initiation focusing on Alan's side of the story only with any percentage completed (meaning that the player could but is not set to retrieve collectables).

The Initiation play through took place in the early hours of Tuesday morning and lasted 0:56:36. The speed run was undertaken by suavepeanut, hosted by ateatree, and with commentators AstridTheHorrorGirl and SweetPeebs, accompanied by a live audience. To make things more interesting, the organizers had two unlockable rewards or "bids"; Do the Dance (for raising $20,000.00) which led to a full team flash dance in sync with the cinematic, and Pet the Mayor ($5,000.00). Both goals were achieved and then some. There was also a special handmade Alan Wake fabric doll created by UltraPancake as a prize draw for those who donated $25 during the Alan Wake 2 run.

You can check out the full Alan Wake 2 livestream performed by Games Done Quick below, and learn more about the event over on their website, HERE


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