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9th June 2024
Alan Wake 2 Patch Notes (v1.100.00)
Night Springs, Photo Mode, Platform Stability

Alongside the release and unlock of the new Night Springs expansion pack, Remedy has added an extra set of features and sneaky fixes in their latest v1.100.00 update.

The new update introduces Photo Mode, a highly anticipated mode which has already kindled a lot of interest in the community. The mode is available for all players, regardless of which pack you purchased, and can be accessed through the in-game pause menu. Give it a shot and make sure to tag us on social media if you post them! 

In addition to the Night Springs and Photo Mode, there are a few extra tweaks brought in to improve platform stablity, fix tricky bugs, and expanding the manual save number. 

Check out the full patch notes from Remedy below or on their website, HERE.

PlayStation 5 (1.100.00)
Xbox Series (
PC (1.1.0)  


  • Night Springs Expansion
  • Added Photo Mode
  • Increased manual save slots from 3 to 6
  • [PC] Added Razer Chroma support 


  • Improved Xbox Series S game stability
  • Improvements to Xbox Series audio synchronization issues
  • Improved lighting in several areas of the game
  • Multiple minor fixes and improvements for a better experience 


  • Chapter Select: Added a missing chapter combination for the end game (Return 7 – Initiation 9)
  • Fixed a rare instance of player character becoming unresponsive when falling on the ground after a sequence of attacks (Removed realism, check.)
  • Fixed an issue that would bring up Saga’s Mind Place UI prompts when loading into a session with Alan. (This was not an intentional meta play.)
  • [PC] Fixed multiple instances of camera clipping issues on ultrawide monitors 


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