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10th June 2024
Vida Starčević Guests on GameSpot's Summer Live Show

on the final day of GameSpot Summer Live, Vida Starčević (Senior Community Manager at Remedy) joined Kurt Indovina to talk about the studio's latest adventure, the Night Springs expansion pack for Alan Wake 2.

With the expansion already out, the guest apperaance wasn't specifically tied to seeking out new information about the game, but is a nice lieasurely discussion about the studio and the game.

In their twenty-three minute conversation, they talk about a huge range of topics including the community, the appeal of Alan Wake 2, their developer livestreams (and their possible return in August), the phsyical edition, making "weird games", the writing process*, LGBTQ+ fans, and studio reaction to award.

* In the interview, Vida talks about Clay being the first continual writing partner that Sam had, but there's also been a couple of other names in the past that would fit that description. Tyler Burton-Smith worked on Quantum Break, and has been working with Sam on the story side with credits in Control (script consultant), and Alan Wake 2 (story by). There's also been Mikko Rautalahti, who was the in-house writer at Remedy for almost a decade; he worked with Sam on Alan Wake, both The Signal and The Writer expansion packs, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, and Quantum Break.


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