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26th June 2024
Remedy Releases New Alan Wake 2 Patch (v1.1.1)
[Night Springs Expansion Fixes]

Yesterday, Remedy released a brand new update for Alan Wake 2 which fixed problems reported for Night Springs expansion.

With the latest patch, they've changed the resource level drops, fixed ending-preventing bugs, ensured achievements would unlock and more. You can get the full list of updates below. 

If you have discovered a bug for Alan Wake 2, make sure to let them know by contacting the game's publisher, Epic Games, directly through their website. By submitting your ticket directly to them, it helps Remedy to prioritise where they need to focus and create a record of the frequency and pattern of how the issue occurs. 

PlayStation 5 (1.100.001)
Xbox Series (
PC (1.1.1)  


  • Changed Splash screen: now it’s cooler. (Probably not worth reporting, but FYI)
  • Tuned down resource drops to more reasonable levels in Night Springs Episodes 2 & 3. (It was not supposed to be That over the top)


  • Fixed warning about corrupting saves that could happen while loading or travelling between areas. The warning was misleading and came from a different bug while initializing an area. Your saves are not corrupted.
  • Fixed a rare issue in Night Springs: Number One Fan, where an enemy could push the player out of bounds.
  • Fixed some rare situations that would block the player from progressing by the end of Night Springs: Number One Fan.
  • Fixed some localized text.
  • Several smaller fixes and improvements.
  • [PS5] Fixed Activities not working properly in some territories.
  • [PC / EGS] Fixed Achievements sometimes not unlocking when achieved offline.
Source: Remedy


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