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26th June 2024
Night Springs Expansion, Character Profile: The Actor

Today, Remedy posted the second post in their Night Springs character profile series, a new social media feature spotlighting protagonists from the newly launched Alan Wake 2 expansion. The feature is a marketing tradition originating with Control and continued for Alan Wake 2

Night Springs is the first of two planned paid expansion packs for Alan Wake 2. In the adventure, the player can explore three episodes of the fiction Twin Peak-style TV show, Night Springs, written by Alan Wake and hosted by Warlin Door. For their second post, they jump forward to the third episode, featuring The Actor, star of Time Breaker.

The post reads, "Too much time has passed since this Actor's last gig at Poison Pill Entertainment. He's over the moon to be back working with Sam. The project is pretty mysterious, but he's done superhero roles in the past, and with all the parallel realities mentioned in the script, he can't wait to immerse himself in his role in... Night Springs."


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