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21st June 2024
Poets of the Fall x Honey Gee's Debut Collaboration,
The Happy Song (Psycho Mix)

Late last night, Poets of the Fall surprised fans with a new remix, in collaboration with Honey Gee. The remix takes The Happy Song, a track perhaps best known for its appearance in Alan Wake's American Nightmare, and twists it into a dance beat, with a more dramatic introduction build-up and a heavier, quicker beat.

It's perhaps no surprise that the musician behind The Happy Song (Psycho Mix), Honey Gee, is an up-and-coming DJ. Based in Thailand, her career started back in 2011, performing in the capital's best nightclubs. Her music has led her to tour around the world throughout Asia and Europe. Though Germany may contain her most enthusiastic fans, with Spotify listing Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich as the most active cities. A recent list in the Djane Mag, a publication celebrating women in DJ, named her 90th in the world and she's not slowing down yet.

Writing on Facebook about the launch from Hamburg, Honey Gee posted, "Happy release day.... I’m so proud of this. It is happening for real.[fire emoji] I’m having a collab with one of the most famous rock bands in Finland. " You can follow her adventures on Facebook and Twitter.

The music is credited to Marko Saaresto, Markus Kaarlonen, Olli Tukiainen, Raphael Lott, Valentin Bros, and Jason Ullah, with the music video by Music Maestro.


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