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20th June 2024
Night Springs Expansion, Character Profile: The Waitress

In the lead-up to Control and Alan Wake 2, Remedy released a series of Character Profiles; a social media feature introducing the community to some of the names we'll meet during in their latest adventure. This week, the studio continued the tradition, looking back at the newly-launched Night Springs expansion.

Night Springs is the first of two planned paid expansion packs for Alan Wake 2. In the adventure, the player can explore three episodes of the fiction Twin Peak-style TV show, Night Springs, written by Alan Wake and hosted by Warlin Door. Naturally, for the first post, the studio looks at the first episode with The Waitress, the star of Number One Fan

The post reads, "It's not easy being both the protector of the town of Night Springs and working at Nite's Diner, the hottest spot in the neighborhood, but this Waitress makes it look almost effortless. There is only one thing she's more passionate about than mixing a cup of her special brew coffee, and that is America's Best-Selling Writer, his books, his limpid eyes and hickory tresses. Can she beat the odds to save him from his fate in... Night Springs?"


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