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18th June 2024
Official Remedy Store To Close After Three Years [UPDATED]

In a last-minute announcement, this evening Remedy has revealed that they will be closing down their official store tomorrow. 

The heads-up was posted on Tuesday evening at 7pm EEST via the studio's Twitter channel. In the tweet, they write "It's all gone. Everything. Almost. Time to shop for the last time because after tomorrow (June 19th), the Remedy merch store will be closing down. Thank you so much to everyone who has bought our stuff!"

The Official Remedy Store originally launched in August 2021, coinciding with Control's second anniversary, initially offering twelve products from Control, Alan Wake and Death Rally. The site has grown over the years with a diverse product catalogue including winter hats, handcrafted candles, specialised coffee, homeware (including the high-in-demand Oh Deer Coffee mug), posters, and more. The news will be a disappointment to many hoping for a restock on some of the more fast-selling items such as the Bright Falls Blend and Oh Deer Diner Mugs. At present, there is no news regarding a replacement webstore.

Update 21/6/2024: Writing about the closure on Twitter, Thomas Puha (Communications Director at Remedy) posted, "This started out a few years ago as a very low scale (me and one external person to help) attempt  to see how running a merch store would be. All the issues I listed before we kicked this off, we pretty much hit head on.

"Its near impossible to make merch breakeven unless you have large volume and order from China. So as we dont have time to work on this, we have to focus on the games and all the other work at the studio, I decided to  shut the store down. Our business is making games, not merch. I would love to have more merch for the fans, dont get me wrong, but it has to be at the quality that we want.

"While people think we are leaving money on the table, we really arent. You need massive volumes for this to work.  For now the way is to find great partners to collaborate with like Airam and Makia and not having us worrying about stock, shipping logistics, customer service, etc, etc. People think merch is easy, it is not, I had no illusions about that."


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