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17th June 2024
Remedy Reveals 10K Discord Competition Winners

Last month, Remedy celebrated its 10,000th Discord member with a special fan art competition and developer AMA (Ask Me Anything). Since the event went live, artists across the community have been busy creating new artwork and sharing completed pieces for a chance to own a piece of Remedy history. In recent days, the studio has announced the winners and the incredible artists who took each of the prizes. 

For the competition, the winning entries were decided by the community, with fans able to respond with a star emoji on the posts they loved the best. The competition was tough, with each prize featuring a high-in-demand item, with the first-place prize getting an extra special twist. Following the cut-off date, the studio compiled all of the posts and named the highest-voted artists and their creations. On top of the winners, Remedy also picked their own favourites, for a special FBC pin. The winners have now been named...

Winning Entries / 10K Discord Art Competition

1st Prize: Twells613 (Signed Oh Deer Diner Thermos)
2nd Prize: Andy.C.White (Alex Casey Themed Poster)
3rd Prize: tarphi (Oh Deer Diner Coffee Mug)

Staff Picks: Artei and Moss Baby (FBC Pin Badge)

Check out the amazing creations on the announcement page, HERE! (Archived)


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