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5th April 2024
On This Day: Quantum Break & Novel Launches [2016]

On This Day is a new feature that looks back at the events that took place in Remedy's history. Posted to mark anniversaries, the new topic it's a way to celebrate how the studio and community have transformed and to jump back into the excitement and anticipation that we felt at the time. 

Eight years ago today, Quantum Break launched on Xbox One and Windows, developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft Studios!

The time travel story asked the question of whether it was possible to change time or whether events were a fixed point, observable only.

After a time machine experiment gone wrong, time begins to break down, creating deadly stutters and leading to the End of Time. While the game centred around Jack Joyce and his attempt to secure the Chronon Field Regular (CFR), a device which held the potential to fix the fracture, the accompanying live-action show followed Monarch Solutions, an organisation set up by Paul Serene with the intent of embracing the End of Time and finding a way through it. 

The game featured an incredible cast list, including Shawn Ashmore (Jack Joyce), Courtney Hope (Beth Wilder), Aidan Gillen (Paul Serene), and Lance Reddick (Martin Hatch). While not officially part of the Remedy Connected Universe, players can see lines to the game, which has sparked debate across the community. 

If you've not played it yet, definitely make sure to check it out! It really is an undiscovered gem of the game. You can play it on Xbox One (for purchase or via the Game Pass) or on PC (Windows or Steam). If you've already played the game, there's a really interesting documentary by Xbox On that you may want to check out!

Today also marks the publication of Cam Rogers' novel of the same name. The novel explores alternative junction points and weaves in unused concepts from the game. The book also answers the question that you may have after the game; what happens if you brick up the time machine's exit? You can learn more details about the book in our interview with Cam or check out the introduction provided by Tor. 


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