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1st April 2024
Remedy Shares Alan Wake Pocket Pal in New April Fool's

Today is the Day of Deception! April 1st marks another month closer to warmer weather, the start of the Q2 financial segment, a new selection of Kindle deals and, of course, April Fool's Day. 

The origin of the day is a little unclear, with historians debating whether Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales in 1392 or d'Amerval in 1508 first documented the long-standing tradition. In any case, it's a day of practical jokes, and without a doubt, the very best are the ones where it's a mutual in-joke.

Over the years, Remedy has embraced the peculiarities of the day, starting in 2010 with Alan Wake Wars, a real-time strategy game set in the world of Alan Wake. Years later, in 2018, they seemingly teased the future with their announcement that they would be moving from video games to coffee, which became the Bright Fall Blend. In 2019, a new mode was announced for Control, which brought the game into bright technicolour. And finally, in 2021, the company shared their interpretation of a Control PS1 "demake".

For this year, the developers tweeted their concept for the Alan Wake Pocket Pal, writing, "The most tortured of writers, now always available in the real Dark Place: Your pocket! Write your story together with Pocket Pal Alan Wake! Available now!"


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