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1st April 2019
Remedy's April Fools' Day Special Announces "Technicolour Mode" For Control

The Day of Lies is upon us! In keeping with tradition, Remedy has released this year's April Fools' Day in-joke; a revamped gameplay video showcasing their new “technicolour mode” for Control, which has been added to the game following player feedback.

The video is accompanied by a statement revealing that the change was put into place to make the game “more accessible and friendly”, and that the mode will ship with all versions of the game.

The video is the latest in a long line of April Fools' Day specials from the studio. Last year they announced that the studio would be moving away from game development and embracing their other passion, coffee! Another April Fools' video, released just ahead of Alan Wake's launch, was Alan Wake Wars, a trailer for a new strategy game which describes itself as being "a real-time psychological film noir action love story".

Check out the new "Technicolour Mode" below: 


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