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1st March 2024
Computer Music & NME Interviews Alan Wake 2 Composer, Petri Alanko

Petri Alanko has been a man in demand this past month! The Alan Wake composer recently spoke to Computer Music and NME about his incredible career and what it was like returning to Bright Falls after ten years. 

Up first, let's talk magazines! In Computer Music, Petri talks about his history as his alter-ego Lowland creating "classical trance", alongside his work on Alan Wake 2. Available for £5.75, the April 2024 issue can be found in newsagents across the UK now. If you can't pick up the magazine in person, though, the interview has been published in full on the magazine's Music Radar website. 

Click HERE to read the full piece. 

Next up, the interview with NME! Written by Andy Brown, "How Petri Alanko Scored Alan Wake 2 with Mayhem and Miracles" specifically looks at Remedy's latest adventure. In the article, Petri talks about the weird and unusual ways that the game's soundtrack came together, from dropping pianos to using rusty cattle fences as instruments. It's absolutely bizarre, but it worked, and it's a lot of fun to read about! 

Read the full interview HERE

Petri Alanko sits in his studio, facing the camera. He is illuminated in warm pink and purple lights


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