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29th February 2024
Sam Lake Guests on Morning Talk Show, Puoli Seitsemän
[English Translation by Hamyheikki]

At the start of the week, Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) appeared on a local morning talk show, Puoli Seitsemän, to talk about the success of Alan Wake 2.

Hosted by Ella Kanninen and Mikko Kekäläinen, the show lasted half an hour and explored topics such as Herald of Darkness performance at The Game Awards, how the team mix mediums, Sam's inspirations growing up, and a whole lot more. For the show, Sam also brought his original clicker, which long-time Alan Wake fans may recognise from his side blog, This House of Dreams

If you're in Finland, the show can be rewatched via Yle Areena, HERE

For fans outside of Finland, @Hamyheikki has written up a full translation of the interview into English after seeing interest in it on Twitter. A huge thank you to them for sharing it and for putting in all the effort. Transcribing and translation takes a lot of work! You can read the full transcript HERE

UPDATE, 10th May 2024 - If you want to watch the program and follow along with English subtitles, the brilliant capeachy has uploaded both to YouTube. Dive in directly on their channel or check it out below: 


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