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9th February 2024
New Old Gods of Asgard Facebook Page & Herald of Darkness - Bonus Versions

Poets of the Fall, the real-life band behind Alan Wake's Old Gods of Asgard, is back with a new special bonus album, Herald of Darkness - Bonus Versions.

In the pack, there are four new editions to enjoy, including Complete Edit (30:06), Instrumental (13:32), No Lead Guitar (13:32), and Instrumental + No Lead Guitar (13:32). The first one especially was highly requested after Captain's recent exploration into the editing process.

If you have a half-hour task that you need to get done, the Complete Edit is the perfect way of creating a countdown without the added pressure of a timer and with occasional lyrics added to the mix. As the band reveals, "A 30-minute epic with every bit of music we recorded for the original interactive version heard in Alan Wake 2. And there might even be a few surprises… Listen at your own risk!"

Eager to jump in? You can listen to the album right now on Spotify, HERE

Alongside the new single, the band has been promoting their new Old Gods of Asgard Facebook page, with a series of new behind-the-scenes images by their resident photographer, Tiia Öhman. You can check out the full set and follow them, HERE


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