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9th February 2024
Alan Wake 2 Named As Finalist in Four NAVGTR Categories

This week, NAVGTR (National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviews) revealed their shortlist for the upcoming NAVGTR Awards 2024, with Alan Wake 2 nominated across four fantastic categories, including "Game of the Year", "Graphics, Technical", "Song, Original or Adapted" and "Writing in a Drama".

For a game to be considered by the jury, it first needs to be self-nominated, with the final shortlist and winners decided by a general voting body. The judges include reviewers, journalists, analysts, and writers from a number of high-profile media outlets including Game Informer, IGN, Kotaku, Venture Beat, Polygon, and more. A combined 1,141 voters will be selecting the winning adventures.

The awards will feature 54 categories celebrating video games and the developers behind them, and this year, things look tough. Insomniac's Spider-Man 2 is already making its mark with an impressive twenty-one nominations. 

The winners of the NAVGTR Awards will be revealed on February 17th 2024.

Read the full nomination list on the official website, HERE

Source: NAVGTR


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