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8th February 2024
New Alan Wake Cosmetics in Dead By Daylight
Alan Wake ("Bright Falls") & Rose Marigold Joins The Cast

On January 5th, Alan Wake entered The Fog in Behaviour Interactive's Dead By Daylight... but this week brought more exciting news for fans of both games! 

In the developer's Tome 18 launch day livestream, the community team spoke to a number of fellow developers about the collaboration and why the writer was selected as their next survivor. But one particular section caught our attention, with the team revealing that they will be adding new cosmetics for Alan Wake fans in early February.

In the "Look At The Store" segment, viewers were joined by Rose Li (Senior Product Manager), who revealed that both Rose Marigold and Alan Wake (in his Bright Falls look) would be joining the game. On choosing the characters, Rose stated, "It was a huge deal for us to be able to bring these characters in, especially Saga because, if you've played Alan Wake 2, you'll know how important she is the whole experience and what a huge role she plays in the in-game narrative. We couldn't leave either her or Rose Marigold out of Dead By Daylight." Both Alan and Rose will have extra voice lines provided by the sequel's actors, Matthew Porretta and Jessica Preddy. They join Alan Wake (Dark Place) and Saga Anderson who made their debut at the start of the new Tome. 

While Alan Wake has been in the Dark Place for thirteen years, who else feels like Rose can more than hold her own in this nightmare?


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