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2nd February 2024
Dead By Daylight x Alan Wake Livestream & Reveal Trailer
[Alan Wake Now In Dead By Daylight]

This week, Alan Wake joined Dead By Daylight's league of survivors in Tome 18: REVISION! Released on Thursday, Behaviour Interactive hit the road running; after articles, interviews, and previews paving the way towards the big day, the community team celebrated the countdown to the launch with a special Alan Wake-themed livestream. 

Pre-Show. The broadcast kicked off with a five-minute Dead by Daylight x Alan Wake trivia session with Gh0stArcade, dressed as the writer as part of the pre-show festivities. We also saw the brand new reveal trailer that teased more Alan Wake content coming soon. As the stream led with it, let's delve into a little more first before looking at the goodness behind the scenes.

Reveal Trailer. Players can now step into the role of survivor Alan Wake, who brings with him three unique perks; Champion of Light, Deadline and Boon: Illumination. Included in the Alan Wake Collection are a number of cosmetic skins, including Saga Anderson and Alan Wake (2010) with Rose Marigold (2023) and "Bright Falls" (Alan's causal look in the sequel), due to launch on February 7th. Mr Scratch, complete with Koskela-studded jacket, also joins as the Darker Side in the Inner Struggle Collection.

Now, let's get to the show! In the live broadcast, we heard from Eric Pope (Community Director at Behaviour) and Dork (Community Manager at Behaviour), who explored the new collection and tackled questions sent in by viewers. 

Bringing Alan Wake into The Fog. In an early segment, Dork interviews Dave Richard, Behaviour's Creative Director and a long-time Alan Wake fan. Talking about bringing the writer into The Fog, he describes, "The chapter was really an easy fit. There are so many parallels that we can do in-between the two universes; the Dark Place,the realm of the Entity; how Alan Wake can reshape the world with his creative writing; and how memories can shape the realm of the Entity. The flashlight use as an offensive weapon. We talked with Remedy, our collaborators on this, of course, and now we know that we share a lot of inspirations." Their interview also touches on the new perks, collaborating with Remedy, and the timing of the sequel. 

Tome 18 News. There was also an interview later with Justin Banks, Senior Product Manager at Behaviour, who talked about Tome 18: REVISION, including charms, cosmetics, and new quality-of-life changes. Talking about Alan's place in the update, and how he becomes part of the DBD world, Justin reveals that,"it is going to revolve around  him writing an episode of Night Springs and how that pulls him into the Entity's realm." In time for Tome 18, twe also heard from Mike Nielsen (Game Designer Team Lead) to talk about the new Light Out modifier and test out player interest to see what changes work and what needs to be revised. 

Store Additions. And finally, in the "Look At The Store" segment, viewers were joined by Kirby (Product Manager) and Rose Li (Senior Product Manager), who talked about the upcoming content available through the store. On the subject of new outfits, Rose revealed some exciting details about what Alan Wake fans can expect, "it was a huge deal for us to be able to bring these characters in, especially Saga because, if you've played Alan Wake 2, you'll know how important she is the whole experience and what a huge role she plays in the in-game narrative. We couldn't leave either her or Rose Marigold out of Dead By Daylight." She later announced that both Alan and Rose will have extra voice lines provided by the sequel's actors, Matthew Porretta and Jessica Preddy. 

That was all the Alan Wake content from the latest livestream, but you can watch the broadcast in full on the Dead By Daylight YouTube channel, or below. 


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