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26th January 2024
Poe & Sam Lake Discuss Collaboration in New Destructoid Interview

One of the biggest surprises to come from Alan Wake 2 has to be the return of Poe with another beautiful track, This Road. Recently, Destructoid's Eric Van Allen had the unique opportunity to interview both Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy), and Poe on their epic collaboration.

In Alan Wake, the studio used Poe's Haunted, an eerily beautiful song, to bring chapter two to a close. For the sequel, she has a much greater presence in the game, providing the end-of-chapter songs to each of the Dark Place segments.

Speaking over email to Destructoid, Poe writes, “Being a super fan of Alan Wake and of Sam, I was obviously floored and let him know that, and then we started communicating and riffing with each other. Sam and I riffed and riffed, and then we riffed some more and then some more, and then eventually we started doing Zooms and riffed more there…. you get the picture.” 

Discovering the story behind The source of inspiration for their collaboration goes back further than you may think! In 2012, Poe posted a fifty-five-second track on YouTube mysteriously called September 30, 1955, with a familiar tune and lyrics: "Some say that it loops forever this road that I lose you on every time." Another decade-long project coming full circle...

Learn more about how the short tune became a full, ever-changing song in their interview HERE.

Source: Destructoid


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