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16th January 2024
BBC Sound's Sound of Gaming Talks To Alan Wake 2 Composer, Petri Alanko

For Alan Wake fans in the UK, you can now check out a special interview with composer Petri Alanko recorded by BBC Sounds. In their most recent episode, Sound of Gaming's Elle Osili-Wood explores literature in games and how developers set the scene with music.

With literature both influencing and playing a huge part in Alan Wake, the series was a clear choice for this month's focus. The latest episode features a thirty-minute interview with Petri talking on his experiences working with Remedy for two decades, returning to Alan Wake, and building the Remedy Connected Universe with music. It's a fantastic interview, and if you can, we definitely recommend checking it out!

Alongside the interview, we hear tracks from a range of different composers, including Marcin Przybyłowicz for The Witcher 3, Maribeth Solomon & Brent Barkman for Sunless Skies; Garry Schyman for Bioshock; The Alkemie Early Music Ensemble for Pentiment; Cœur de Pirate for Child of Light, Laurence Chapman for 80 Days; Andrea Boccadoro for Astrologaster; and Adam Gubman for Elsinore

Check out BBC Sounds' Sound of Gaming, HERE


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