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14th January 2024
Pelikopteri Shares Alan Wake 2 Launch Party Speeches & Performance

In December, Remedy closed out the year with their Alan Wake 2 launch party, packed with special guests, panels, speeches, a buffet, and a special performance by Poets of the Fall (aka The Old Gods of Asgard). Invitations were sent out to the developers who worked on the title alongside media, influencers, and select guests to mark the release after four years in development. 

One of those invited media outlets, Pelikopteri, has uploaded recordings of the speeches, interviews, and performances on their YouTube channel so even if you couldn't be there, you can still check out some of the memorable moments from the event.

The videos include:

(As they were invited to the launch party, we trust them to know the restrictions and boundaries at the event in regards to the recording.)


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