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13th January 2024
#JesseJanuary Returns for Third Year

In January 2022, Lily Ashby created #JesseJanuary, a month-long challenge which tasks Control fans with stepping back into the Federal Bureau of Control for a daily creative endeavour. While Lily's original project took the form of virtual photography using the in-game Photo Mode, this year, it's exploded into a wider creative celebration.

This year marks the third annual #JesseJanuary with 505Games joining the activities. 

Posting on the @ControlRemedy channel, the publisher wrote, "We love that #JesseJanuary has SO many stunning submissions already! Jump into the challenge on Twitter by posting your own screenshots with the hashtag, #JesseJanuary, or check out what other community members are uploading! Thank you for continuing to support Control with your amazing fan art and virtual photography. We'll showcase our favourite captures at the end of the month!"

Unlike similar community challenges, the only subject in this one is Jesse, with the prompt up to individual interpretation. It could cover only Jesse, her adventures, her friendships, and her personality. The community has packed the hashtag with beautiful photographs, artwork, cosplays and more.

There's still plenty of January left to get involved. All you need to do is upload your work and add #JesseJanuary to join the project!


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