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8th October 2023
Collect a Digital Angel Lamp for Completing Alan Wake 2 with PlayStation Stars

PlayStation Star account holders will be able to unlock Alan Wake 2's Angel Lamp digital collectible (available from October 27th) for their award room when they complete the game. 

Used by Alan in the upcoming adventure, the Angel Lamp allows him to capture light sources and repurpose them at specific locations to aid in his journey.

Other game rewards introduced during October include Genshin Impact (Armored Crab and Icewind Suite), Monster Hunter Rise (Tempestuous Triumph Scroll), and Elden Ring (Shardbearer Godrick).

What is PlayStation Stars? PlayStation Stars is a new loyalty program that allows players to earn rewards and complete limited-timed campaigns to unlock rare digital collectibles. In short, it's a little like having your own personal trophy room on your PlayStation App.

How To Make An Account. To join, sign up HERE with your account for the PlayStation network. (It may take up to two months for Sony to process your account, but we signed up recently and got access almost immediately.) If there's a little bit of a wait, though, you can get prepared by downloading the PS App on your phone. 

There are four levels to PlayStation Stars, with all players starting at the first level. Accounts can move up and get more benefits by completing campaigns and collecting trophies. Learn more about the program, HERE!

Source: PlayStation Stars


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