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4th September 2023
Alan Wake 2 at EGX 2023
[Special Panel with Sam Lake, Creative Director]

With the event held just a couple of weeks before the game's launch, Remedy will be doing something a little special at this year's EGX.

On Friday 13th, Sam Lake (Creative Director and Lead Writer on Alan Wake 2) will take to the stage at the EGX Theatre at 3:00pm BST, to discuss the upcoming project in an hour-long talk.

At present, little is known about the event except Sam's attendance and the timing, but even just that sounds like a pretty good time already! We'll let you know when the page is updated with more information. 

If you've yet to get a ticket for the show, you can buy them on the event page HERE! If you can't attend the event in person, the organisers tend to upload talks to their YouTube channel afterwards, so you can always attend virtually.

About EGX. Held between October 12th to October 15th at the ExCel in London, EGX (previously Eurogamer Expo) is an annual convention celebrating video games. While the event originally started in London, Birmingham took over as hosts from 2013 to 2018, until it found a new home at the ExCeL. Travel to the event is relatively easy, with the DLR and Elizabeth Line (Underground) stops nearby and clearly listed on maps. Of course, if you're visiting the city, there are also plenty of hotels in the area or just a couple of stops away. Travel tickets can be purchased at ticket booths around stations, but if you use a contactless debit or credit card, you can also put it on the ticket barrier card reader (just remember to use the same card to end your journey). As London is my home city, if you have any questions about getting around or where you're going, feel free to message me. 


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