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13th September 2023
Future Press Gauges Interest in Second Printing of The Art and Making of Control

Published in 2021, The Art & Making of Control has been an invaluable resource for fans who purchased the book early and the Holy Grail to fans who missed out on the run. If you're part of the latter group, there might be some hope, though! Future Press has been seeking out interest for a potential second printing as part of their twenty-fifth anniversary.

Control isn't alone, either. There are four titles currently being monitored for interest, including Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Dark Souls Trilogy Compendium, Bloodborne Complete Edition, and The Art & Making of Control. Voting for multiple reprints is allowed as long as the interest is genuine. You can let them know your thoughts on these Facebook and Twitter posts. Make sure to get your vote in soon as soon as possible as they're monitoring feedback and making preparations over the next few days. 

The original promotional image for The Art & Making of Control.
The original printing provided an incredible resource and time capsule for Control fans."Remedy have long been one of our favorite studios, and they set a new benchmark with Control." Future Press stated in their press release. "Its brilliant third-person combat mechanics and staggering feats of world building add up to what we genuinely think is one of the most outstanding and singular games of recent times." 

The original Limited Edition collection spans an impressive 384 pages and measures 11" x 8.5", so it's a sizable beast filled with never-before-seen artwork and photographs and interviews. The hardback and slipcase edition could be purchased for £49.99 / $ 59.99 / € 59.99. At present, we don't know if it will be an exact replica, as Future Press has revealed that some second printings may have some changes. Keep an eye out for news coming soon! 


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