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31st July 2023
Alan Wake 2 Behind-the-Scenes Photographs with Ilkka Villi & Melanie Liburd

During the Summer break, Remedy has shared new behind-the-scenes photographs of their two protagonists, Melanie Liburd (Saga Anderson) and Ilkka Villi (Alan Wake) in their roles. 

For the upcoming adventure, the story is split into two; players will play as Wake as he traverses across the Dark Place in search of an escape, and as Saga as she solves the mystery of the serial killings taking place around the Bright Falls area. Their stories are entwined, with the studio teasing that it's a game of many doubles.

The newly released photographs both feature the work that goes on behind the live-action recordings. For Liburd, the team look to be collecting reaction shots, similar to what was used overlapping certain sequences of Control. For Villi, the recording session is more in-depth, taking place on set. What isn't too clear is whether the cabin exists in real life or it was built specifically as a set. 

Check out the photographs below (taken by Mikko Riikonen) and Remedy's accompanying descriptions to learn more...

"Melanie Liburd focusing on set. Photo by Mikko Riikonen."  Melanie, with her eyes closed, stands in the middle of a blackened room. She is wearing an olive raincoat and red knitted jumper, Saga's outfit in the game. Light and reflectors are placed carefully above and in front of her to redirect the floor lamps. A camera is directly in front of her, recording from the shoulders up. A camera operator is standing next to it.

"In Alan Wake 2, Melanie Liburd is Saga Anderson. She plays a brand new Remedy protagonist, an exceptional investigator and profiler at the FBI.

"Melanie brings an impressive amount of character and talent to the role, and it's been a privilege to delve into who Saga is together with her."
(Source: Remedy Entertainment, Facebook.)

Ilkka Villi (styled as Alan in his new suit) suits at the writing desk in conversation with a member of the team. Papers are scattered everywhere on the table. Behind him are two circular windows. They are filming in a cabin or cabin-like set. Carefully placed lights frame the area. Another person holds a movie clapperboard.

"In Alan Wake 2, Ilkka Villi is back as the actor of Alan Wake. At Remedy, we have been working with Ilkka as one half of our Alan for well over a decade, and he brings his talent, dedication, professionalism and focus to the role. 

"We could not imagine Alan Wake, the game or the character, without Ilkka and his work."
(Source: Remedy Entertainment, Facebook.)


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