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19th June 2019
Amelia & Bryan Livestreams Sneak-Peak of Control [Updated with Fan Art & YouTube Link!]

Last night, Amelia Rose Blaire and fellow actor and streaming partner, Bryan Dechart, livestreamed a sneak preview of Remedy's upcoming game, Control! The duo was joined by the studio's Communications Director, Thomas Puha who visited their base in person.

The stream lasted over two hours, with some parts played by Bryan and some played by Thomas, and with Jesse sporting a different outfit than seen in previous footage. During the stream, users submitted questions in a Q&A covering all of Remedy's titles, a nice treat, especially for Quantum Break fans as Amelia also portrayed the no-nonsense protester, Amy Ferrero in the 2016 title.

One important detail that I know a lot of you will be wondering about is archiving. A lot of fans don't want to know too much about Control before it launches on August 27th, but will be interested in watching it post-release. After a quick search on the couple's channel, it seems that yes, you will be able to! All of their livestreams have been archived in full dating back over a year.

So for those who don't mind spoilers, you can check it out below! But if you want to play the game first, then you should be able to check it out in their "All Videos" tab. (We're also going to be doing a quick wrap-up post-release of content like this for fans who are currently avoiding spoilers).

Updated [24/6 19:19 EEST]: Following the broadcast, Bryan and Amelia uploaded the playthrough in full to their YouTube channel to ensure it remains up. The video below have now been replaced with the permanent version.

Dechart Games have a wonderful community with many members also a member of the Remedy community. Recently two artists, Blu_Frame and Carla (Veggie Nightmare), who are active in both, created two lovely pieces of artwork to celebrate the launch of the two fandoms meeting. Check out their gorgeous work below:


The Crossfire Series

The Control Series

The Quantum Break Series

The Alan Wake Series

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Icons by the incredible, Evil-Owl-Loki.

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