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8th June 2023
Summer Game Fest 2023 [Part One]
On Stage Interview & Gameplay Introduction with Sam Lake

It's June 8th and Summer Game Fest! Today, we got the first unedited glimpse of gameplay footage for Alan Wake 2 and learned more about what awaits us as Sam Lake (Creative Director and Lead Writer) took to the stage.

As the organisers have broken down the segment into two pieces; the interview and the gameplay, and since the gameplay may contain spoilers that you might want to avoid, we've also broken up the posts. This piece is dealing purely with the on-stage discussion which preceded the footage. If you just want the game, we'll post a link here as soon as it goes live! 

During the on-stage interview, we learn how Saga and Alan's narratives will be intertwined and some early surprises in store for the FBI agents. You can watch the full five-minute interview below. We've also written out the transcript which you can follow underneath.

Geoff Keighley: Now, it's time to change the topic and descend into madness. Joining me is a guy who was last on stage at the Game Awards 2021 to announce Alan Wake 2. He's come all the way from Finland. Please welcome, from Remedy, Sam Lake! 

Video Description: Sam walks across the stage. He is dressed in a formal suit and tie. Will he age? He will not, and at this point it's just rude. He shakes Geoff's hand. 

Geoff: Sam, it's good to see you. Looking dapper as always. 

Sam Lake: Thank you, thank you. 

Geoff: Well, we are so excited because when you announced Alan Wake at the- Alan Wake 2 at the Game Awards, you said "2023". We are in 2023... it's coming this October, and we are so excited about this, Sam. I know it's been a long time coming for fans and for you; thirteen years since the first Alan Wake. So, tell us a bit about what can we expect in the sequel. 

Sam: It's been quite a journey, yes. Alan Wake 2 is Remedy's first survival-horror game. We have two playable characters; it's a 50/50 split between them. They are on their own, separate, terrifying journeys through two different worlds and yet... it's all connected, and the player gets to switch between them at given points in the story as they choose. 

Geoff: Yeah, we saw obviously at the PlayStation event, you revealed Saga, the second character. Tell us a bit about her. She is in Bright Falls and she, is sort of, living a narrative that Alan has written, is that right?

Sam: Well. That's a good question to ask going into this. So, yes, we have Alan Wake, our title character, of course, trying to escape from the nightmare dimension of the Dark Place. And then we have Saga, our new hero, FBI agent, coming to the Pacific Northwest small town of Bright Falls, together with her partner, Alex Casey. 

Video Description: Sam looks to the audience and makes the Max Payne face. 

Geoff: And they're somehow linked, in some way, right?

Sam: They are coming to investigate a series of ritualistic murders, and very quickly, the investigation turns into a nightmare when they discover pages of a horror story. Maybe written by a certain... missing writer? 

Geoff: By the initials A.W?

Sam: And this horror story starts to come true around them. 

Geoff: Interesting. So, obviously, it's y'know, Alan is still going to be playable in the game, you're going to experience his journey. But Saga, this is [a] new character, and there is that, sort of, link. Tell us a bit about, you said "split 50/50", do they have separate missions, because you play them in different sequences or orders if you want, right?

Sam: Yeah, we go into the experience playing as Saga. And it's a sequel but it's also a standalone experience, we are not expecting everybody to do homework if they have not played the original game. This can be enjoyed. as Saga doesn't know anything about the law, about the supernatural in this world. She will be going in, very quickly she will have to learn how to survive, and with that, all the players will be on that journey with her. And then we open up the experience so that you can hop to play Alan Wake in the Dark Place, as he is trying to find his way out, and you can keep on playing as Saga in the Pacific Northwest as the investigation goes on, and you are free to switch between them. There are a lot of connection points in many surprising ways, but there is no right way to play through this. You can choose. You can go on as Alan all the way, close to the end. Or as Saga. Or you can keep hopping between these two-

Geoff: Well you're always so good at telling challenging, interesting narratives in unique ways. I mean, Remedy has always been known for that and you especially so. We can't wait to see how these stories intertwine, I'm sure throughout the experience. Today though, I know you brought with you some gameplay of Saga's adventure. We're just going to see a raw segment of the game, right?

Sam: Yep! Raw gameplay for the first time, ever. This is early on, from the experience. 

Video Description: The crowd begins to cheer as the camera moves back. 

Geoff: They're hyped, Sam! They're ready for it. So tell us, what are we going to see?

Sam: Supernatural forces of Darkness have brought the murder victim, in this case, back to life as a monster. And Saga is outside Bright Falls at Cauldron Lake, trying to find him and stop him. 

Geoff: Okay! With that, let's take a look at raw-unedited gameplay from Alan Wake 2. Thanks, Sam.

Sam: Thank you! 


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