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3rd June 2023
GameSpot's Alan Wake 2 Coverage Wrap-Up #1
Exclusive Interviews, Trailer Analysis, and Retrospectives

If you've been following GameSpot lately, you've been in for a treat! Alongside the Alan Wake 2 reveals, GameSpot's Mark Delaney has been busy writing about the upcoming adventure and learning more about what's in store for our two protagonists. As the website's resident Alan Wake nerd, he recently sat down with Sam Lake (Creative Director), Hannah Price (Performance Director), and Melanie Liburd (Actor), and has also been reflecting on where the original game left players thirteen years ago. 

Over the course of two weeks, Mark has written five articles from trailer analysis, to character introductions. You can see the full list below: 

Alan Wake 2: 11 Clues You May Have Missed In The May 2023 Trailer
May 24th, 2023

"Alan Wake 2 was revealed a year and a half ago, but since then we've seen nothing about it. That is, until now. From the virtual showfloor of the PlayStation Showcase for May 2023, we got to see a new Alan Wake 2 trailer, giving us a generous glimpse at more of the world players have longed to return to for 13 years."

Read the full article, HERE

Exclusive: Alan Wake 2's New Hero, Saga Anderson, Ushers In Remedy's "Darkest Version" Of The Sequel

"When players descend into the madness of Alan Wake 2 this fall, they won't just be playing as the game's titular grumpy novelist again. They'll also step into the shoes of a new co-protagonist, Saga Anderson. This surprise was teased in the recent story trailer we saw for Alan Wake 2, but even the most diehard Wake fans won't recognize Anderson--she didn't exist in the original game."

Read the full interview, HERE

Sam Lake On Alan Wake 2: "There Was Never A Time When I Felt Like It Would Not Happen"
May 30, 2023

"Continuing our Alan Wake 2 coverage from last week, in which we broke down the new trailer for clues and introduced co-protagonist Saga Anderson, GameSpot was able to catch up with Remedy's creative director and writer on Alan Wake 2, Sam Lake. I wanted to hear it from Lake himself--often seen as the face of the studio--exactly how we got here, and why he says it's even a good thing it's only happening now."

Read the full interview, HERE

Alan Wake 2's Sam Lake On Resolving Mysteries: "The Tension Goes Away When You Have One Definite Answer"
June 2, 2023

"Like the puzzling TV shows that inspired it, Alan Wake is full of mysteries. Presumably, Alan Wake 2 will be, too. After all, several of Remedy's other games, namely Quantum Break and Control, are laden with enigmas--many of which are left unresolved. Instead, players are left to try and unravel these lingering mysteries in their own heads. I sat down with Remedy creative director Sam Lake to discuss the team's approach to writing mysteries and ask why, as he put it, questions are sometimes better left unanswered."

Read the full interview, HERE!

Alan Wake 2: Seven Lingering Mysteries The Sequel Might Answer
June 2, 2023

"Part of the lasting appeal of Alan Wake is its number of dangling plot threads and unanswered mysteries. Fans love the game's atmosphere, its story, its characters, and plenty else--but many also just really want to know the answer to some of the questions Alan Wake poses but does not resolve. We recently spoke to Remedy's creative director and Alan Wake scribe, Sam Lake, who revealed his approach to answering mysteries--or not answering them, as is sometimes his preference. But given that some of the original game's mysteries will likely merit answers, we're taking inventory of where we left off and where the story might go next. Here are seven Alan Wake mysteries that might get answers in Alan Wake 2."

Read the full article, HERE


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