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2nd May 2023
Apogee Entertainment's Twitter Giveaway
[w. Death Rally CD & Max Payne Mousemat] ENDED

A bit of a quick post today! Apogee Entertainment is running a brief Twitter giveaway this week where three followers will win a Remedy bundle containing a Death Rally CD (fresh out of the box!) and Max Payne mousemat. If you're interested in entering, you will need to be quick though, as the giveaway ends Wednesday, May 3rd. 

If you're still within time, all you have to do is go to THIS tweet, like it, retweet it, and make sure to follow their Twitter channel, @Apogee_Ent. Do all three things and you will be entered. 

This giveaway is also open worldwide, with postage covered. 

UPDATE: In a follow-up tweet on May 3rd, Apogee have stated "we are picking the 3 lucky winners at 6pm ET today and announcing them shortly after."

UPDATE #2: The winners of the competition have now been announced. You can see the reveal, HERE.


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