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20th May 2023
Bring On The Sales! GOG's 505 Games Publisher Sale & Epic Games Store MEGA Sale

You wait for one Spring Sale and three of them turn up at once. With the Humble Store Spring Sale drawing to a close, there are two new sales that might be of interest to Remedy fans from publisher sales to store-wide discounts. 

GOG's 505 Games Publisher Sale

Up first, let's talk 505 Games! Until midnight on Tuesday (UTC), GOG is running a sale across all 505 Games including Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Journey to the Savage Planet, Virginia, Ghostrunner, Objects in Space, and more. Lots of great games and experiences. On the Remedy side, there is also Control Ultimate Edition, the most complete Control version, at 75% off. If you're looking to own a DRM-free version of the game or looking to convert a friend, make sure to check it out! 

Click HERE to see the publisher sale. 

Epic Games Store MEGA Vault Sale

If you're looking at something more on the psychological action thriller side of things, you might want to check out the Epic Games Store Mega Sale. While Control is included in the discounts at -40% off, it is the base game rather than the complete set. The Alan Wake side of things are looking pretty good though, with the original 2010 game at -70% off, Alan Wake Remastered at -60% off, and Alan Wake's American Nightmare at -70% off. 

Check out the Epic Games Store, HERE


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