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4th February 2023
Our 11th Anniversary Giveaway!
[Win Barry's Xmas Blend & Black FBC Mug]

Today marks The Sudden Stop's 11th Anniversary! Thank you to everyone who has visited the site over the years and nerded out about the games with us. As it's still pretty cold in the UK (and Finland!), it felt appropriate to run a giveaway with a snuggly theme, both for entries and for the prize.

Get your photo editing software ready, there are going to be cats.

For the prize this time, we are giving away a Remedy coffee bundle featuring 1) Barry's Xmas Blend and 2) a black FBC mug. Both items are the latest additions to the Remedy Store. 

Barry's Xmas Blend. For the colder months, the studio has teamed up with a local roastery, Helsingin Kahvipaahtimo to bring Barry's Xmas Blend. Described as a "medium-dark espresso blend with notes of dark chocolate, liquorice and roasted almond gets you a dreamy and creamy dark roast", it is a full bean blend of Brasilia Veloso, India Cherry, and Indonesia Java Baron. The pack contains 250g and can be purchased at the store for 15,00€.

Black Control FBC Mug. Following a successful run on the Remedy Store, the FBC mug is back, this time in black! The minimalistic design features the Federal Bureau of Control's seal in white, which shows up clearly against the shiny black background. The secure beverage container can be purchased at the store for 19,00€.

The competition will end on Tuesday, February 28th at 11:59PM UTC.

For this giveaway, there will be one (1) winner who will be selected at random from valid entries.

Image Source: Remedy Entertainment

How To Enter:

For the giveaway, we want cats! Using photo-editing software, add cats to any Alan Wake scene. (Microsoft Paint or are good options if you're looking for free software.) The edit doesn't have to be perfect, the cheesier the better! 

Will a chaotic cat in the background detract from Mr Scratch's televised horrors? Or is Cynthia Weaver just hanging out with her fluffy bestie?

Multiple entries are allowed! 

Submissions can be sent in to: Facebook or Twitter. You can also email in your entry to alanwake.thesuddenstop(at)

Competition Rules:
  1. The prize was bought by The Sudden Stop as part of a community giveaway.
  2. This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by Remedy Entertainment, 505Games, Epic Games, Microsoft, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.
  3. Multiple entries are allowed.
  4. This is open worldwide, but restrictions may apply to countries with limits on internet competitions.
  5. Entry to the giveaway is free.
  6. No cash prize alternative will be available.
  7. A new winner may be picked if the first does not respond to the email after two weeks of the original email being sent. Although this is only a last resort after three weeks with reminders and alternative methods of communication e.g. through social media posts.
  8. The competition will begin on February 4th 2023 at 20:00 UTC and will end on February 28th 2023 at 23:59 UTC.
  9. There will be 1 (one) winner who will receive a packet of Barry's Xmas Blend and a black FBC mug. 
  10. Entries collected through Facebook follow the rules stated on 23rd August 2013, HERE.
  11. Entries collected through Twitter follow the rules stated in their Guidelines, HERE.


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