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19th February 2023
New Ghostlight Vinyls Available, Signed by Poets of the Fall

Old Gods of Asgard fans! If you missed out on Poets of the Fall's Ghostlight album launch, Backstage Rockshop has a new batch of vinyl, hand-signed by the band, available on their store. 

Last April, to celebrate the release of their latest album, the band released a limited run of bundles containing signed postcards. If you missed your chance before, the Ghostlight vinyls are now in stock for 37,99 € and signed! Those who want to add a Ghostlight t-shirt to their order can get one at half-price, with 2022 tour t-shirts now at 28% off. 

The album is described on the store as being "a breathtaking completion to the band's third trilogy, (Clearview, Ultraviolet, Ghostlight). Ghostlight embodies the idea of metamorphosis, winning over hardship, of acceptance and becoming whole. It is all about massive rock marvels, with grinding guitars and soaring solos and heart rending ballads. Of being transported into worlds of wonder along the silky and powerful vocals and orchestral virtuosity. It is about diving into the night and finding equilibrium and emerging as someone new. A cornucopia of dizzying thrills and soulsoothing balms."

If you're making an order, some other Poets of the Fall items on sale include...
  • Illusion & Dream, Tea (-50%)
  • Revolution Sun, T-Shirt (-17%)
  • Revolution Sun, Women's T-Shirt (-17%)
  • Distance, T-Shirt (-33%)
  • Neo Logo, Kids T-Shirt (-15%)
  • Alexander Theatre Sessions T-Shirt (-38%)
  • Alexander Theatre Sessions Women's T-Shirt (-38%)
  • Late Goodbye (-50%)
  • Late Goodbye, Women's T-Shirt (-38%)
  • Recycled Alchemy Vol.1 Backdrop Tote Bag (-15%)
  • Recycled Alchemy Vol.1 Backdrop Pouch, Medium (-15%)
  • Recycled Alchemy Vol.1 Backdrop Pouch, Small (-15%)
  • Recycled 10th Anniversary Tour Backdrop Pouch, Medium (-15%)
  • Recycled 10th Anniversary Tour Backdrop, Tote Bag (-20%)
  • Recycled 10th Anniversary Tour Backdrop Pouch, Small (-35%)
  • Recycled Jealous Gods Backdrop Pouch, Medium (-37%)
  • Recycled Revolution Roulette Backdrop Pouch, Medium (37%)
Check out the store deals, HERE

A bit of information about the band: Poets of the Fall has had a long history with Remedy, which officially started back in 2003 with Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. For the game, POTF created their first song, Late Goodbye based on a poem by Sam Lake. Later, the band returned for Alan Wake, creating the custom songs The Poet and the Muse and Children of the Elder God. Their song War, from their album, Twilight Theater, also made an appearance in the game. Balance Slays the Demon was created specifically for Alan Wake's American Nightmare, and The Happy Song (which appeared in the album Temple of Thought) can be discovered in the game. Their latest collaboration took place in Control, with the epic custom song, Take Control. My Dark Disquiet from their album, Ultraviolet, was prominently featured if you know where to look!


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