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20th October 2022
Alan Wake Remastered Launches on Nintendo Switch
[Launch Trailer, Screenshots & Details]

After originally being teased by Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) during the series' anniversary updateAlan Wake Remastered has officially launched on Nintendo Switch!

Unlike Control Ultimate Edition which was released in November 2020, Alan Wake Remastered is hosted natively on the device. On the Switch, the adventure is just over 13GB, compared to Alan Wake Remastered on the PlayStation 4 and 5 which measures almost three times the space at 38.65 GB. As a result, there are some changes, which we will dive into in our upcoming review.

Along with the Remastered commentary, players can also continue the adventure in The Signal and The Writer DLC packs which are included with the game. 

Check out the brand-new launch trailer below, along with screenshots from the Nintendo Switch edition:

Official Updated FAQ:

What is Alan Wake (2010)? 

Alan Wake is a critically acclaimed cinematic thriller inspired by classic works of horror, with a deep mystery at its core. The game is from Remedy Entertainment, the creators of the award-winning Control

The best-selling writer Alan Wake’s wife Alice mysteriously vanishes on their vacation to the idyllic town of Bright Falls. As Wake begins to find pages of a thriller he doesn’t remember writing, Bright Falls becomes much more sinister. A malevolent dark presence begins possessing the townspeople and taunting Wake, driving him to the brink of sanity as he tries to unravel a deepening mystery and find Alice. 

Who developed the original Alan Wake

The original Alan Wake was developed by Remedy Entertainment. It was released on Xbox 360 in May 2010 and on PC in the fall of 2012.  

Does Alan Wake Remastered come with difficulty settings? 

Alan Wake Remastered comes with the same difficulty settings as the original Alan Wake. The three selectable difficulty settings (Easy, Normal, and Nightmare) determine enemy spawns, enemy health, ammo drops and health regeneration.  

Nightmare difficulty will only unlock after the game is completed once. 

Who are Remedy Entertainment? 

Remedy Entertainment is a video game developer of some merit based in Finland.  

Remedy Entertainment Plc is a globally successful video game company known for story-driven and visually stunning console and computer games such as Control, Alan Wake and Max Payne. Founded and based in 1995 in Finland, the company employs over 280 game industry professionals from 27 different countries. Remedy is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland marketplace. For more information: 

Who is the co-developer behind Alan Wake Remastered

d3t, a UK-based studio specializing in remasters in collaboration with Remedy. You can read about d3t more at: 

Several of the key Remedy developers who were creating the original Alan Wake, like the Chief Technology Officer and VFX lead, are involved in the creation of Alan Wake Remastered

Why did you not go for a full-on remake? 

The plan has always been more about introducing Alan Wake to new audiences rather than remaking the game. We are still quite happy with the game a decade later.  

Is there a physical edition of Alan Wake Remastered for the Switch?

The Switch version is available as a digital download only from the Nintendo eShop.

What can we expect from the new commentary track in the remaster? 

We have recorded a brand-new audio commentary track for Alan Wake Remastered, featuring Sam Lake, the lead writer on Alan Wake and creative director at Remedy. The commentary features a deeper dive into the narrative of the game and the creative process involved in writing for Remedy’s games.  

You can turn on the commentary from the Options menu and it triggers automatically as you progress through the game. 

Official Screenshots:


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