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8th September 2022
Looking Back At Gamescom 2022
[CrossfireX's Brand New Multiplayer Map, Babylon]

A few days ago, the doors closed on Gamescom 2022, one of the biggest game events of the year.

At the start of Summer, Remedy announced that while progress was going well on Alan Wake 2, the studio would be laying low over the season to focus on development. But while they would not be present at the show, fellow developer Smilegate was in attendance with CrossfireX multiplayer news. 

New Babylon Trailer 

At the Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live, Smilegate revealed what they described as their "biggest CrossfireX content update" so far, Babylon. In the update, the studio delivered two new multiplayer maps, alongside various new weapons, missions, and improvements.

What The Babylon Update Includes...
  • The latest update includes two brand new multiplayer maps; Babylon (Occupation - Modern) and Satelite (Search & Destroy - Classic & Modern). 

  • Babylon is CrossfireX's largest map yet, featuring a 15v15 player fight across a battlefield of pilotable vehicles and turrets. Get your team to the Tarantula control point and you will be able to set off a missile strike across the map.

  • Alongside Babylon, Smilegate has also added a new Search & Destroy map for both Modern and Classic modes called Satellite. The new map sets the action within a large military compound, featuring warehouses and alleyways. 

  • Alongside the many updates to the game, there has been an improvement to the matchmaking system with players being able to queue for multiple modes at the same time. 
Read the full patch list on the CrossfireX website, HERE!

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