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1st September 2022
Final Day: Submit Your Control Questions to Courtney Hope & Sean Durrie [Ends 6pm! BST]

If you have a question to ask Courtney Hope or Sean Durrie, here's your chance! To celebrate Control's third anniversary, Remedy and 505Games have arranged a special community AMA, allowing fans to submit their own pressing questions to one or both of the actors. 

Questions can be submitted as a video but there are some limits to be careful of. Your horizontal recording must be a maximum of twenty seconds long and a minimum of 1080p in quality. The deadline is September 1st 20:00 EEST / 18:00 BST / 13:00 ET / 10:00 PT. When you're all ready to submit, jump over to the Remedy Community Hub, HERE

Be prepared for your clip to be used as part of the final project, whether that will be a broadcast, social media video, or on YouTube.


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