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29th August 2022
Final Day: Control Anniversary Offers End Tonight
[Remedy Store]

To celebrate Control's third anniversary, the developers have been running a sale across the Remedy Store with 25% off posters and 50% off merchandise. The sale has been running throughout the weekend with today marking the final day. If you've been keeping an eye on something, make sure to check out the Remedy Store.

Two new pieces of new Control merchandise have also been added to the store, though they are both outside of this current sale. They include...

Director Notebook. First up is a Director notebook, packed with 192 pages of cream 80gsm paper. It features a sleek black cover with the title "DIRECTOR" embossed in gold. The notebook is now available to buy for €15,00. 

Control Waterbottle. Stay hydrated with the brand new Control-branded water bottle! Made from polypropene and Tritan, the 65cl water bottle bears the Control logo in white against a transparent background. It's also BPA-free, which is the best kind of BPA to be if you're a water bottle. The bottle is available to buy now for €25,00.


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