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7th July 2022
Summer Games Done Quick 2022 Spotlights Control in New 1:36:04 Speedrun

Last week, we saw the return of the speed-running charity event with Summer Games Done Quick 2022. Dozens of games were selected for the eight-day marathon, which raised over $3,016,200 for Doctors Without Borders, an international humanitarian organisation helping in conflict zones and countries affected by endemic diseases.

On day six, Control was in the spotlight with DemonicRobots behind the keyboard, completing the game (and all ten boss fights) in just 1:36:04. He was joined by Mikewave, Bryonato, and DECosmic who provided commentary, talking about glitches both past and present. It's a very informative and fun stream, particularly if you're looking to perfect your game breaking skills. 

Ahead of the playthrough, donators could also select the language the speedrun was completed in with French raising $2,745. (German was in second place with $2,225, followed by English with $835, and Spanish with $60.) During the Control run, $6585 was raised in total by viewers, with more donations being submitted after the segment. 


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