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10th July 2022
CrossfireX: Mission Briefing Update Livestream Targeted for July 13th

Looking forward to the next CrossfireX update? Heading into the weekend, Smilegate posted the next date for their livestream, titled the "CFX: Mission Briefing". 

The broadcast is currently set for Wednesday, July 13th at 5pm PDT (July 14th at 12am UTC) and has been teased to feature a "sneak peek at our new update" alongside a wrap-up of all the latest news. You can watch via the game's Twitch channel, HERE!

While exactly what they will be discussing hasn't been revealed but it's likely to be the multiplayer portion of the experience rather than the Remedy's single-player. In the past, announcements regarding the Finnish studio have been announced via the website, and later expanded upon in high-profile media briefings.


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