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8th May 2022
Find New Adventures in Humble Spring Sale, GOG Classic Game Sale & Xbox's Optimised for Next Gen Sale

If you're looking to complete your Remedy collection, make sure to check out the Humble Spring Sale, GOG's Classic Game Sale, and the Xbox 'Optimised for Next Generation' Sale this week! 

The Humble Spring Sale

From now until May 24th, the Humble Store has deals on thousands of exciting titles, including...

Max Payne (-65%)
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (-65%)
Quantum Break (-75%) 
Control (-70%)
Control DLC 1: The Foundation (-60%)
Control DLC 2: A.W.E. (-60%)
Control Ultimate Edition (-70%)

While the games are available for purchase on the Humble Store, the game keys should unlock the game on Steam. Check out Remedy's titles on Humble, HERE

GOG's Classic Game Sale

If you're looking for a mystery, both Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare are also part of GOG's Classic Game Sale; a collection of adventures from over a decade ago...

Alan Wake (-75%)
Alan Wake's American Nightmare (-74%)

You can see Remedy's titles on GOG, HERE

Xbox Optimised for Next-Gen

If you're looking to expand your Xbox catalogue, Microsoft is currently running a sale focused on games that have been optimised for the Xbox Series X and S. Included in the sale...

Control (-60%)
Control Ultimate Edition (-60%)

Check out the reduced titles on True Achievements, HERE


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