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21st May 2022
Community Creations Celebrating Alan Wake's 12th Anniversary

This month has been packed with new Alan Wake updates coinciding with the twelevth anniversary of the game. Alongside an interview with Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy), Matthew Porretta (voice of Alan Wake), and Ilkka Villi (physical actor for Alan Wake), we also received updates on the TV show, the highly anticipated sequel and new platforms for Remastered!

We've also seen a wave of new artwork by talented artists within the community celebrating the milestone and the announcements in a range of amazing styles. Below are a selection of those that we've discovered on social media, but if you have a piece that we missed, definitely let us know! We would love to see it.


Formerly "Vanguard"

The Crossfire Series

The Control Series

The Quantum Break Series

The Alan Wake Series

The Max Payne Series



Icons by the incredible, Evil-Owl-Loki.

Beyond the shadow you settle for, there is a miracle illuminated.