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25th April 2022
Poets of the Fall's 19th Anniversary
[Plus: Ghostlight Pre-Order & Tour Reminder!]

It's a big week for Poets of the Fall, the real-life band behind Alan Wake's and Control's incredible fictional band, Old Gods of Asgard. Today, they celebrate their 19th anniversary, concluding the week with the launch of their ninth studio album, Ghostlight. 

To mark the anniversary, the band has published a video featuring photographs from live shows taken over the past two decades. 


However, it's the upcoming tour across Europe that has been the focus for the group heading into the week, with all six members meeting for some practice.

The band is due to start their Ghostlight tour in Dublin (Ireland), Manchester (UK), Nottingham (UK) and London (UK), before moving on to their Finnish leg of the tour; Lahti, Helsinki, Seinajoki, Hamina, Joensuu, Pori, and Kokkola. In September, the group will then move on to performing elsewhere in Europe, travelling to Copenhagen (Denmark), Hamburg (Germany), Berlin (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic), Munich (Germany), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Koln (Germany), Wiesbaden (Germany), Esch-sur-alzette (Luxembourg), Paris (France), Warsaw (Poland), Wien (Austria), Graz (Austria), and Budapest (Hungary)

You can see the full tour date and buy tickets via the official Poets of the Fall site, HERE!

As a final note, their new studio album, Ghostlight, will launch in just a few days! If you haven't already, make sure to check out some of the exciting pre-orders available! The Backstage Rock Shop, the owner of the POTF's official website, now has a wide selection of bundles featuring new t-shirts, exclusive gold vinyl LPs, cassettes, CDs, signed postcards, and hoodies. Take a look, HERE


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